Since 2012 we have worked with more than 250 startups, and when we ask them how we’ve been most helpful, they all mention getting access to our community. 
The accelerator investment comes from our own Founders Fund; former successful Norwegian tech entrepreneurs paying it forward. Amongst the investors in StartupLab Founders Fund you find fellow founders such as Jon Tetzchner (Opera Software), Grethe Viksaas (Basefarm), Are Traasdahl (Tapad), Geir Førre (Chipcon, Energy Micro), Erik Bakkejord (Stepstone, Intility) and Eilert Hanoa (Mamut). More important than the money they invest, our investors share their time and networks with all the companies we invest in.

The same goes for the founders of our portfolio companies, counting more than 50 startups to date. We are very proud to have partnered up with so many talented entrepreneurs, and they gladly share their experience, expertise and networks with their peers. Whether your company works with SaaS, machine learning, hardware, consumer electronics, enterprise sales or consumer internet - chances are we have other great founders working on the same thing willing to share their learnings and networks.

From our perspective, market validation is one of the most important activities founders engage in. And a lot of the work we do is to make this happen quicker, working to engage established companies so they are receptive when startups come knocking. We work extra closely with a number of corporate partners; which includes large Norwegian companies like Telenor, DNB, OBOS, AF-gruppen, Aller and many other. Through our accelerator we engage our corporate partner a lot, and continuously bring our startups in front of relevant decision makers.