The Founders Fund

The Founders Fund was established in 2013 by a group of successful entrepreneurs who wanted to make the hard life of starting a business slightly easier. Our offering is accelerating support, access to our joint network and entrepreneur friendly initial funding.

Founders Fund also partners with the Nordic investment community as well as providing access to the top tier international venture capital firms.

Through the StartupLab community we mobilize and share our combined network with you. Our network includes key people in some of the world leading technology companies such as Google, Amazon, Netflix, Facebook and LinkedIn.
We engage in tech startups typically associated with the StartupLab community. We invest in the range of USD 100k to 300k and typically take 5-15% of the equity. No nasty terms.



    Oslotech is an ideally owned organization that engages in business activities in relations with the science cluster in Oslo, Norway.


    Johan co-founded and currently run HELP Forsikring which today numbers 110 employees and in 2013 will have an estimated turnover of about USD 40 million within legal assistance for insurance-related products for the private market.


    Karen is co-founder of UX Lab and one of the team members in StartupLab.

  • Jon von Tetzchner

    Jon is co-founder of the Opera Software, which was listed on the stock exchange as Opera Software ASA in 2004. He led the company until 2010. Today, Jon lives in Boston, and is an active investor in new startups in the US, Iceland and Norway, whilst working on his own new projects.


    Eilert Hanoa is a true entrepreneur and established his first IT-company as a 15-year-old in 1986. He left his business studies to start Mamut in 1994. In the summer of 2011, Mamut was bought up by Visma and Eilert is today serving as Director Product Unit, responsible for product development in Visma Software International AS.


    Karl Christian established Venture Partners in 1994 together with Ingar Østby. Out of Venture Partners, Hugin and several other online companies were formed. In the autumn of 1996, Northzone Ventures was established. It became one of the largest venture investors in the Nordic countries. Now Karl Christian is CEO of OsloTech.


    Erik founded his first company Stepstone that he developed into a leading European online recruitment company. Today he is CEO of Intility.


    In 1995, Ingar took the brave decision of leaving a reputable consultant firm to set up his own busines, and established Hugin and Northzone together with two other entrepreneurs in the mid-1990s.


    Gunnar is currently the CEO of GET AS, Norway’s next largest broadband and television distribution provider. Under Gunnar’s lead, the turnover has grown from 400 million NOK to 2.5 billion NOK, with an equivalent growth in earnings. Gunnar has a genuine interest in innovation, and has founded several companies himself.


    Trond has a long history of entrepreneurship. Until June 2012, he was the CEO of Funcom, which he and his team developed into a prominent global actor within online MMO-gaming. Prior to his dedication to online gaming, Trond established Massmarket AS, as both the company’s CEO and owner.


    Tomas is the CEO of Stokke AS, which is an internationally renowned brand and manufacturer of innovative products and solutions for children.


    Katalysator is a privately held investment company; primary focus is buy-outs. Katalysator is owned by the Møller family.


    Rein has the unusual background being an entrepreneur and a certified test pilot. He is currently a researcher at the Brunel Flight Safety Laboratory. Rein was co-founder of Intergate and later founded the Growth Factory (TGF) together with Alexander Woxen.


    Svein Anders was one of three entrepreneurs of the semiconductor company Chipcon, which was established in 1996. Svein Anders was the company’s CTO during the ten years it became a world leader within low-power short-range radio communications.


    Alexander Woxen co-founded Intergate and The Growth Factory (TGF). Alexander worked as Investment Director at Katalysator from 2004 until 2010, at which point he founded StartupLab. Alexander has been instrumental in the development of StartupLab and the investor community Founders Fund.


    Tor was formerly CEO at the startup Hugin and is now one of the partners at StartupLab.


    Rolf Assev was a key figure in the early days of the Opera Software, during which the company grew from 12 to 750 employees. Now he is one of the partners at StartupLab

  • Odd Utgård

    Odd was formerly one of the partners in StartupLab.

  • Katalysator

    Katalysator is a privately held investment company, investing primarily in Scandinavian small-cap companies. Katalysator is owned by the Møller family

  • Oslotech

    Oslotech is an independent company with a mission to stimulate business growth in Norway’s most knowledge-intensive region – Oslo.