1.2M in Funding + the network and support you need!

We’ve helped founders build and scale tech startups out of Norway for years. Combining funding, support and a unique network, we work hard to make it easier for startups to succeed. Our accelerator is an intensive three-month program targeted at this specifically. 

Apply by 2. September 

Startups selected for our accelerator receive a 1,2MNOK investment, as well as close support through the three-month program. We invite the founders to come work from our workspace in Oslo for the duration of the program, and throughout this period we work with them to scale their startups.

The program allows founders to focus exclusively on building their business. Founder-friendly funding, introductions to potential customers as well as advice should make this happen faster. We help founders experiment tirelessly until product-market fit is in place, and then grow as fast as possible


Our strongest asset is arguably our community, consisting of alumnis, mentors, investors, industry experts and corporate partners - all eager to pay it forward. It’s not unusual that startups we work with find their first customers within our community, as they also want more great tech companies to come out of Norway. 

The accelerator investment comes from our Founders Fund, which consists of more than 30 of Norway´s most successful entrepreneurs, having previously built companies like Opera, Tapad, Stepstone and Get. Startups selected to our program not only get money. More importantly, they get access to the experience and insight that our network represents.



Here are some words from the founders and investors we've worked with over the years.

It was like stepping aboard a rocketship, and we’d never be where we are today without the accelerator. There’s so much knowledge within the StartupLab team and community, and we leveraged that to the fullest!

Startuplab and the accelerator helped us to sharpen our focus, segment our potential market, and outline a customer profile to begin with. This helped us set priorities for our company and product development efforts, and create a great solution for addressing our customers’ needs.

The accelerator was crucial for our growth, from securing smart investments, strategy development to customer acquisition.