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Templates for Norwegian Startups

Free shareholder agreement, loan agreement, term sheet, NDA and employment agreement templates for Norwegian startups.

You should be spending your time building and selling your product, not drafting standard legal documents. Over the past 5 years, we’ve spent our fair share of time working with founders on such documents, and the templates below are a result of this work. Needless to say, they are all written with entrepreneurs in mind, aka. founder-friendly. Here you go:


Shareholder agreement template

Term sheet template

Loan agreement with cap and discount template

NDA template

Employment agreement template


Developed in collaboration with our partner SANDS. And of course, we do not take any responsibility for any consequence of using these documents. Please consult a professional before signing any of these documents.

Looking for more templates? Altinn has a large collection of document templates for Norwegian companies. Check them out here.


Update log:
11/4/18: New and updated Convertible Loan Agreement. Few tweaks and edits.

17/10/17: New and updated NDA. Shortened, more precise

1/10/17: New and updated shareholder agreement. Small adjustments based on inputs from users.

29/9/17: New and updated loan agreement. Small adjustments based on inputs from users.

8/6/17: Added a link to Altinn’s document templates

5/5/17: New, updated documents. We’ve reviewed all documents, and updated them based on feedback from entrepreneurs.

23/2/17: Now English! We know this is way overdue, but better late than never. Also, we are working on publishing a sales agreement as well, by popular request.

20/2/17: Moved the documents from intranet to public domain startuplab.no – to make it more accessible.

10/1/17: By popular request, we have decided to release a second version of all template – with comments/explanations from the SL team. We will work on this going forward. Writing this here so that you’ll stop asking.