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For the second time, DNB and StartupLab are inviting startups to DNB NXT Accelerator, a three-month accelerator program facilitated by StartupLab. The objective of this program is to contribute to the establishment of partnerships that can create commercial opportunities both for the start-up companies and for DNB.

DNB is working on finding the banking solutions of the future, and solutions to make customers’ everyday life easier. As a participant in the accelerator program you will be given your own mentor from StartupLab, with international experience and established networks. From DNB, the participants will get a mentor and free access to relevant expertise as needed, in addition to a large network and potential access to two million customers.  


You will be allocated a personal and dedicated mentor with international experience that will follow you closely on a weekly basis. DNB will share its industry expertise, give you access to technology, and connect you with stakeholders who are looking for innovative solutions. In addition, you will get access to more than 50 StartupLab industry experts and their networks.

This will ensure intensive and individual support to improve time-to-market.

We run weekly program sessions where you will work together with your mentor and other startups to solve the challenges you are facing. International and local mentors will give you access to valuable advice and support.

“In our experience, start-up companies can get very far in three months when we give them access to funding from day one, and put them in touch with Norway's best mentors. The feedback from the first Accelerator is excellent. DNB has chosen to continue the cooperation with several of the companies" 

Per Einar Dybvik, Partner - StartupLab. 


In the DNB NXT Accelerator, StartupLab (through its Founders Fund 2) is investing NOK 1 million in the companies that are selected. Together with start-up grants or innovation loans from Innovation Norway, this provides qualifying startups with up to NOK 2.5 million from day one. In addition, they will be followed closely by a team of experienced entrepreneurs, and given access to any DNB skills and expertise that they may need during the period the Accelerator is in progress.


The crowdlending company FundingPartner participated in the DNB NXT Accelerator in the spring of 2017, and reports that they reached several important goals during the three-month period.

“DNB experts helped us build our solution, and this made everything happen very quickly. In cooperation, we prepared analyses on the size of the market and what is important to the customers, working together with the product department. We were also given access to expertise such as legal counsel, development departments, risk models and credit models”

Geir Atle Bore, Founder and CEO - FundingPartner


In association with Finance Innovation, Innovation Dock in Stavanger and Nyskapningsparken / BTO in Bergen we invite ambitious entrepreneurs to the three-month accelerator program facilitated by StartupLab.

DNB NXT Accelerator is not just for fintech startups. We are looking for entrepreneurs who work with all aspects of banking and payment services for the future, in particular startups that:

• streamline or disrupt customer insight, payment solutions or SME loans.

• automate the banking systems of DNB or its partners.

• develop additional services in the bank's value chains.

We are looking for ambitious teams consisting of at least two people with global ambitions. The companies should preferably have launched the first version of their product, or have plans to launch within the next six months. The core team must be able to move to StartupLab in Oslo for the period between 15 March and 15 June 2018.


You and your team will be notified on the email address you specified when you submitted the application to participate.

We will review the applications continuously. All applicants will be informed no later than March 7th 2018.

To make sure you get the most out of the accelerator period, we want to work closely with you. Our experience is that relocating to StartupLab is the best way to ensure a great environment for this, so for the 3 month duration of the program, StartupLab is where you will have your home.


  • 31 JANUARY 2018

    Application deadline

  • 13-15 FEBRUARY 2018

    One-on-one meetings with shortlisted startups

  • 1 MARCH 2018

    Announcement of the winners

  • 15 March 2018

    Start of the DNB NXT Accelerator Program

  • 7 June 2018

    Demo Day