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The Lab is all about the people: talented, devoted and ambitious entrepreneurs who create innovative solutions. Since 2012 we have supported more than 150 technology startups, and 82% of them are still growing! We are currently working with 70 active members.

Networking is at the core of what defines StartupLab. Our team, members, alumni and external network – consisting of industry experts, serial entrepreneurs, investors and scientists – actively share knowledge and experiences that benefit the group as a whole. We believe this is what it takes to enable just a few people to create something great in a short time span, that would usually require the work of hundreds. Our mission is to help make our entrepreneurs successful.

What's the deal?Top tier community requires
top tier people.

We expect everyone to participate, be committed and work hard. In return, we will open up our network to you and actively support you for 12 months.

You will get access to workshops, mentors, investors, data science labs (AI/IoT etc), social events and – of course – office and meeting room facilities.

There are no strings attached and no extra costs. Membership prices start as low as 1850NOK/month, excl. taxes. And, if necessary, you can easily cancel your membership on a one-month notice.



  • Cloud based retail advertising platform for HTML5 banners, digital signage, brochures, posters and campaign websites.

  • Adepto provides services to the Scandinavian real estate market. They deliver all kinds of checklists as well as leads to a big selection of providers.

  • AIA Science helps our customers transform their business through a ´digital shift´. We do this by offering market leading Artificial Intelligence and Analytics – AIA

  • AIMS detects anomalies across all your applications through automated monitoring and analytics. AIMS is available as Cloud or as on-premises install, and only takes 5 minutes to install.

  • Areo gives Facility Managers and building owners new ways to get their work done. Building data and history are tracked and made accessible in a shared online repository. The system supports open standards in the building and IT industries.

  • Atilika is a natural language processing and AI company based in Tokyo and Oslo who offers technology products and deep learning based solutions to leading businesses world wide.

  • Box of Words is the first intelligent and personalized language-learning solution, that figures out what content you need to learn based on your unique life situation. So as we say; Stop learning zoo animals, and start learning the words you actually need.

  • BrightArch believes that mergers and reorganizations should work for everyone. That's why they built OrgWeaver, a cloud software for enterprise HR teams to implement organizational changes that work well for management, employees, and unions.

  • Broentech Solution A.S. is a software company. We are providing IoT solutions for Industrial Environment.

  • Bsure makes it super easy for businesses to make decisions needed for their day-to-day credit decisions. Bsure's solution gets businesses up and running in no time and allow them to verify credit worthiness and issue credit to customers through Bsure's checkout API that the businesses or their developers can connect to in less than five minutes.

  • Norway’s largest online store for ordering cakes and other baked goods from local bakeries. The service is also available as a native app on App Store.

  • Dappd is a new digital advertising ecosystem for all digital platforms, all surfaces, for all media platforms and for a global market.

  • MotionCatcher® (MC) is a software/hardware solution developed by Did, built on anonymous video analytics and machine learning to detect, analyze and exploit data from off-line advertising platforms (ADV placed in streets, public spaces, shops, etc). With MC® advertisers can reach the right audience with the right message at the right time and location.

  • Diffia is developing innovative healthcare informatics for the modern hospital environment and caregiver.

  • DingDong is disrupting the market for visitor and entry control systems through smart innovation and awesome services.

  • Domos is your friendly, intelligent WiFi Assistant that optimize your home network and provide automated help and support when you need it.

  • We make software for film and TV creators, to safeguard artistic intention, save time and make life easier on-set.

  • eREADZ is the leading Nordic service for e-books and audiobooks.

  • Exabel is an artificial intelligence startup based in Oslo, Norway. Exabel’s mission is to synthesize the world’s information and learn how it evolves.

  • Flow Insights use technology to analyze real shopper behavior in real stores, providing objective metrics and actionable insights. Clients include retailers, manufacturers and consulting firms.

  • FundingPartner is a P2P lending platform for small to medium sized cooperation that want to borrow money from individual investors like yourself. FundingPartner is focused on the Norwegian market and will soon launch their portal to benefit investors who want a decent return on their savings and support "underbanked" small companies.

  • GameStones is a Sensor Driven Gaming Company with the aim to enhance and inspire real life scenarios with qualities from the world of computer gaming. Imagine a new kind of Pokemon Go with toys that allow kids and families to play around with connected guns, balls and other outdoors toys. We believe that new technology will change the toy industry in the years to come.

  • helps small and medium-sized businesses to streamline their sales and customer service processes with real-time collaboration tools!

  • Globesar is a remote sensing company providing organizations with geological and hydrological information to improve safety and rationalize the use of natural resources.

  • Our core is the workspace aka The Lab. We thoroughly screen all applicants, and only the best entrepreneurs are accepted.

  • Graphiq connects companies with handpicked designers. Just describe your need and we’ll recommend a couple of designers specific to your project.

  • Hold is an innovative mobile app that helps students to focus in school and gives them the opportunity to get rewards.

  • The people behind ID tracker have a background from the private investigator branch. Online research and investigation is our main strength, today we are developing software that will automate this process.

  • Ignite Analytics is a spend analytics software providing companies with full spend transparency and automatically identifies cost reduction opportunities.

  • IMBA is a next-generation programming language rising to the challenge.

  • Intelecy process Big data from Industrial IoT using Machine Learning to prevent breakdowns, predict failures, improve the process and help with root-cause analysis for the manufacturing industry.

  • JoyStream is a BitTorrent client, which rewards peers for seeding content through peer-to-peer crypto currency payments using BitCoin.

  • At Kenaptus™, we facilitate a better understanding of the complex relationships between laws, regulations, standards and customer specifications in a technical procurement phase. Simplifying this process helps our clients make better decisions faster, thereby increasing workforce productivity and reducing risk and cost.

  • Kube provides solar energy solutions for humanitarian aid and development organizations operating in developing countries.

  • The marketplace for tuition. We are disrupting the market for adapted teaching. Unlock your potential at a reasonable price.

  • The leading website in Norway to help patients find doctors and dentists.

  • Listen develops new solutions to support our hearing: for everyone, everywhere.

  • Lucidtech is developing Artificial Intelligence for document data extraction. By combining deep neural networks and image processing techniques, Lucidtech automates time consuming and boilerplate processes in the financial industry.

  • Marketer is the combination of advanced technology and outstanding marketing expertise - presented in one easy-to-use solution.

  • Moment is a project management, time tracking and invoicing platform focused towards architects, engineers, designers and consultants.

  • MovieMask gives you the cinema experience anywhere, anytime. Just add your smartphone, any app and enjoy!

  • nLink AS develops advanced user friendly robotic systems for the construction business. Our Drill Unit is the worlds first commercially available ceiling drilling robot.

  • Outtt lets you tap into Norway’s local knowledge by providing highly curated content, insider tips, and high quality mapping, all in a free app on iOS and Android.

  • PROSA Security enables customers in the banking sector to perform accurate cyber security analysis based on application and inter-application design.

  • Proxloop helps retail store attendants give personalized service and sell more by providing them with information about the customers in the store.

  • Quantifio is the glue that makes it possible to easily compose your own efficient ecosystem for developing, reviewing and sharing analytics.

  • Poio's mission is to release a family of apps to engage kids with the magic of written language.

  • ShareMy3D is an award winning cloud-service where the users can upload 3D-model files and once the model is uploaded you can share it on the web and let anyone view it in high quality with an ordinary web browser.

  • Signatu builds state-of-the-art, self-service tools for companies to safeguard personal data, build user trust and ensure law compliance in the personal data economy.

  • SocialBoards is a social customer service tool that makes ticket handling more efficient through unified comunication and self-help functionality.

  • Socius is reinventing social media for branding. The platform curates the best content spread across the social web into engaging social hubs: the real-time brand experience.

  • Spond your friends, groups and teams about anything; It’s the fun, fast and care-free way to organize any type of event and activity, and get the answers you need.

  • Startle makes mobile messaging richer and more entertaining by enabling audio creativity and context sensitive notifications.

  • With, travelers enjoy adventurous food, pulsating nightlife, independent boutiques, and cozy cafés, all curated by locals and influencers whose guides bring a city’s true character to life.

  • Systemapic is an online portal for quick and efficient management of geographical data in a secure environment.

  • The Next Billion is an impact-driven crowdfunding platform dedicated to helping female-led enterprises raise the necessary capital needed to start, scale, grow and lead successful and economically sustainable businesses.

  • We have developed tools and technologies to scientifically analyse voice characteristics, facial expressions and word syntax of some of the world’s most influential speakers.

  • Tiaki is building a smoke alarm system for your online marketing portfolio. Sensors detect issues that need to be investigated and send alerts via email and SMS. Advertisers save time and reduce wasted advertising costs. The Tiaki team has a combined 25+ years experience in online marketing and DevOps.

  • Tise is an app for iOS, Android and web. A new concept within the online classifieds segment.

  • Trademate enables you to exploit the bookmaker’s mistakes. We calculate the true odds of the outcome of sporting events and provide you with the necessary tools to identify profitable opportunities in the global sports betting market.

  • tunableIR is making gas sensors based on micro- and nanotechnology. The sensors can measure multiple gases simultaneously, are highly sensitive, small, robust, and can be adapted to a wide range of applications.

  • Uninite is a service where roommates who fit well together can find each other based on desired characteristics, personality traits and interests. It is easier to find a home with a group of people than to find a place where everyone gets along.

  • Unisound by Armoni is the worlds first fully autonomous sound field system for speech recognition and communication.

  • Venturigo by Pembl is a new and better solution for envelope airtightness test.

  • A digital platform that lets you help friends and family back home, by locking the money into a service or goods, such as: groceries, doctor’s appointment, school fee, real estate or medicine. We match the receiver to a local retailer or service provider that can deliver the goods or services order by the sender.

  • The Viva platform is built to help partners in the broadband and utility industries quickly and easily start selling a smart home solution under their own brand.

  • YOIMO - youth in motion develops simple groundbreaking digital unmanned intuitive live video tools for coaches and their teams. Bringing teams and families in all sports nationally and internationally into a thriving community for the benefit of the youth


  • ROLF ASSEV Partner

    After 12 years in Opera Software, I wanted to start something new. After co-founding one startup based out of StartupLab, I realized that my experience and international network could benefit many more startups. Three beers with Tor and Alexander later, we decided to take StartupLab to the next level ... and at the same time have a lot of fun.

  • Lise Fulland CFO

    Lise is responsible for cash flow at StartupLab, CO:LAB and FUEL. She makes sure that we have the infrastructure to continue the work that we do, and can continue to expand our community and impact.

  • Per Einar Dybvik Partner

    Per Einar is a partner at StartupLab. He joined us in 2014 after leaving WiMP, which he founded in 2009. He has 25 years of Internet-experience from Telenor, Schibsted and Aspiro. At Telenor Research he headed the project that became Opera browser, headed Telenors web-services Origo and Gule Sider before founding Neo Interaktiv. In 2000 he helped start Schibsted Telecom that merged with Aspiro. You will often find Per Einar on a bike somewhere.

  • HEIDI LIND HOPSTOCK Community Manager

    I'm a people person, first and foremost, and I also really enjoy watching how ideas can be turned into actual, tangible products. Here at StartupLab I am surrounded by a diverse group of intelligent, passionate and fun people, who every day create solutions for the challenges of today and tomorrow. I see it as a true privilege to follow their journey, both during their time at StartupLab and then beyond, as they grow their wings and fly out of here, ready to conquer the world.

  • Tor Bækkelund Partner, Head of Funding

    Tor has over 20 years experience working in Energy, Security and IT & Service industries with global footprint. He has previously been the CEO of Hugin Group, a successful technology company that he led through multiple transactions to NYSE Euronext and Thomson Reuters. Previous to the role in Hugin he served as Vice President in a successful US tech company.

  • Assel Limpin Talent Acquisition Manager

    Assel is the recruitment expert on the team. Assel focuses her time on assessing the recruitment needs of our members and helping them bring on board the talent they need to accelerate their growth. She spent several years at headhunting firms in London both on the corporate side and for startups, before joining StartupLab in November 2016.


    Kjetil joined StartupLab in 2013 after a few entrepreneurial ventures, and managed the lab up until end of 2016. Now he's working on StartupLab's investment activities together with Tor, supporting current portfolio companies as well as identifying potential new ones.

  • Nissik Juell Partner Manager

    Nils Juell aka Nissik joined us in April, after leaving Tidal which he co-founded and spent over 10 years building the company from 3 to 100 employees. Nissik is the ULTIMATE hipster, he thought the internet was cool before the internet was cool. Nissik is responsible for our corporate partnerships program together with Per Einar.


    Alexander founded his first company Intergate together with fellow math students at the University of Oslo. He later co-founded The Growth Factory, a pan Scandinavian incubator and seed fund, later acquired by the Møller Group. While working as an Investment Director at the Møller Group, he focused on buying outs before founding StartupLab.

  • Lauga Oskarsdottir Head of the Lab

    Lauga is a StartupLab alumni, and joined the team at the end of 2016. She is responsible for the overall activities and services of the incubator, ensuring that we are adding value and accelerating growth for our members.

  • Maximo Graesse Data Scientist, part time

    Maximo converts the work that we do into metrics, so that we can evaluate the value created through our efforts, and the overall value created by the StartupLab members.

  • Urte Sniaukstaite Event Manager, part time

    Urte is responsible for planning and executing events for our members and stakeholders, to ensure we create great forums that lead to interaction and value creation.


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Faster innovation

Technology has changed the business landscape dramatically over the past decade, and the pace of which technology is moving is increasing rapidly.

This brings with it great opportunities for startups and some challenges for existing businesses trying to keep up. Our mission is to increase the likelihood of success for young companies and at the same time help large companies innovate faster. By sharing insights and collaborating with startups through being early customers, corporations can trigger startups to meet their needs and give themselves a competitive edge.


  • Per Einar Dybvik Partner

    Per Einar is a partner at StartupLab. He joined us in 2014 after leaving WiMP, which he founded in 2009. He has 25 years of Internet-experience from Telenor, Schibsted and Aspiro. At Telenor Research he headed the project that became Opera browser, headed Telenors web-services Origo and Gule Sider before founding Neo Interaktiv. In 2000 he helped start Schibsted Telecom that merged with Aspiro. You will often find Per Einar on a bike somewhere.


Being entrepreneurs ourselves we know the importance of funding at an early stage.

Together with some of Norway’s most successful entrepreneurs we provide funding to the most committed, ambitious and passionate tech entrepreneurs. When you succeed we expect you to pay it forward – as our founders do.

How we invest

We typically invest in the first equity round, in the range of $100-400K – enough money to make an early impact and get you off the ground.

This should also keep you moving for the 12 months we provide support. We ask for 10-15% equity in return, meaning not enough to mess up your cap table. We provide support, but you remain in charge of your business, and our terms are founder friendly and hassle free. All the legal stuff is taken care of by us.

Founders fund

This is our source of financing. The Founders Fund was initiated by StartupLab together with a group of successful entrepreneurs.

Our common bond is that we are all triggered by the idea of getting ambitious talent off the ground. The group of founders represent an accumulated network and insight that has proven immensely valuable to the StartupLab community.

Our investments

Mouse over to see why we invested

  • A very strong team is taking a proven the US SolarCity concept to Europe with the objective of putting up solar panels on roof tops with no upfront cost for the house owner. Solar panels are becoming better and cheaper every year, and our belief is that within 10 years solar panels on houses will be a natural part of the house.

  • The dream of replacing pen and paper for writing and sketching has been a challenge for tech companies for many years. The founder, Magnus, came with an extremely bold plan to nail this challenge by making a revolutionary new tablet. We believed in him.

  • If your job was to document the IT system of a bank you probably would never be able to finalize and if you did (lucky you!), it would not be correct and up to date (sorry!). This is the reality for most companies. Magnus idea was to develop a solution that automatically illustrate and document the full IT architecture. With our background from IT we got it instantly – most IT projects fail on cost, time and deliverables - and hey, they are up and running with a fantastic product and satisfied clients addressing a 7,8 BUSD market. They’re getting calls every day. Got it?

  • On a few rare occasions we meet a team with the competence and knowhow to build a global company. Exabel is an artificial intelligence startup with a mission to synthesize the world’s information and learn to predict how it evolves. The technology is based on deep learning which can do the same for complex data describing human activities, such as financial markets, economic data, news, and social media.

  • Few industries are as ripe for a technological overhaul as the construction industry. Frederico, Simen and Sarah realized this while building 3D-scanning software on Google's recently launched Project Tango. They found a perfect match with the construction industry and were instantly excited about it - and so were we.

  • The founders of Huddly are amazing engineers with long experience building the world´s sophisticated videoconferencing equipment at Tandberg/Cisco. They took the best people they knew and developed a smart solution that does the same thing as the high end video conferencing players, but for only a fraction of the price. By that, multiplying the market reach.

  • We're bull on cutting-edge technologies and forward-leaning entrepreneurs, and we also believe that digital content will be consumed and monetized differently in the years to come. So when Bedeho came to us wanting to use the blockchain to improve digital content consumption and monetization, of course we partnered up!

  • When the majority of game developers moved towards mobile and FTP, the guys from Antagonist wanted to go the other way and build horror games for desktops. We like contrarians, especially when they're talented and tenacious. Their first game, Through the Woods, was released fall '16 to great reviews.

  • Film production today is still done in a very old fashion manual way. The leading film makers in Norway have made a digital production platform where all details of the film production are secured in the cloud. All metadata is linked with the moving images and staff, creatives and post production will be granted secure and simple access to the material. Their platform is already being used by 20 + productions across the world

  • What? Can´t hear you! Ever had the feeling of missing out? Felt that bad sound quality destroy your online meetings? We do! A young team of entrepreneurs with a dedication to sound partnered with a research laboratory to solve the problem. Their speakers and mic operated by the magic software delivers the WOW! Tests and beta results have already gotten thumbs up – deliveries are on their way.

  • According to Warren Buffet, most people would be better off financially if they put their savings in index funds. Still, most people don't, especially women. Calle and Steve saw this as a big problem and an equally big challenge, and quit well-paying jobs to work on improving women's saving habits. A great team with an important mission and massive potential - spot on for Founders Fund

  • Spending more than 20 years in research with double digit number of patents under their belt, the founders of TunableIR, Ib-Rune and Thor Bakke, decided to make the world’s best ultraflexible gas sensor. Today’s sensors are mostly made for one vertical, large in size and with a high price. Imagine a small gas sensor detecting and analyzing multiple gas combination with 1000x lower concentrations, 100 smaller in size at a fraction of the cost? The guys have already assembled a top tech team ready to capture future markets.

  • A big challenge for students is the disturbance from the mobile phone. Hold has made a solution where students are incentivized to «turn-off» their phones while in school. More than 40000 students have signed up and used this service. There is a strong interest from commercial partners who want to market their products to students. The team has come very far with very little money and we see a big opportunity to expand this into the family segment that also is struggling with phones being a annoying for family quality time.

  • The Norwegian government pays today 1 billion NOK in interpretation services. More than 500 million of the cost is related to moving the Interpreter fram A to B. With screen based interpretation services, the cost is cut in two and the capacity is more than doubled. TikkTalk is making a global screen based interpretation service in a simple uber-way of booking and paying of these services - both for B2B and B2C.

  • Software systems and applications of critical strategic importance for many businesses. In banking alone $50Bn are lost every year due to intrusion of IT systems, rising by 20% annually. Prosa Security offers a unique solution to this, that protects the entire software application infrastructure. The company origin from The Norwegian Computation Centre with a pack of excellent programmers supporting the development.

  • A customer support platform that is linking all social media feedback into one unified in-box that makes it easier for the company to serve their customers the best. Proven to work and the team has signed up 20 large customers in Norway including DnB, Telia, Rema 1000.

  • Connected homes is not about getting rid of your keychain or having an improved Wifi. A smart house solution from Viva enables an array of smart services through a backbone system – a gateway. Previous developed solutions are expensive and complicated. Viva has taken a different approach. They recently launched a true plug and play solution enabling you to run your own house reducing cost and improving control of your house. Viva is already selling throughout Europe addressing a fast growing market.

  • Scrimba; the best way to explain code. When Sindre wanted to teach Imba to others (his own front-end language, which btw runs 20x faster than React), he figured that screencasts were broken. And then he started building the solution, and got Per Harald and Magnus to join him. The result: an interactive, lightweight tool that makes it 10x easier to explain code. Got something you need to learn or explain - check out their website!

  • Jo Hansæl, an experienced entrepreneur, is redefining media industry with an "airbnb"-like marketplace where freelance content producers, publishers and advertisers can exchange and sell content. An innovative concept, huge global potential and good timing was attractive for Founders Fund.

  • The team at CFEngine developed a software that enable large corporations to make consistent global changes securely while ensuring compliance. Some of the world´s largest and most complex IT infrastructures use CFEngine today; Intel, Comcast, Chevron, LinkedIn, Samsung and Panasonic. We loved the product for what it does today, be we believe it will reach its full potential within the complexity within Internet of Things.

  • Only about 1/3 of the world´s population have access to qualified healthcare, the rest don´t and the gap continues to increase. We love big problems and it requires a bold solution. The team (both medical doctors and computer scientists) at Diffia developed an AI based solution that is distributed on mobile devices bringing the accumulated insight of doctors and specialists, to places they´r e not available.

  • Have you ever wondered why internet service providers often don´t help with your internet problems at home? Because the don´t see what´s going on. The team at DomosLab has developed an AI based software that aims fix problems in your network automatically. Awesome team and a problem that we all relate to. Happy ISPs and happy end users.

  • With interest rate being low, traditional asset managers have to take pretty high risk just to compensate for their fees. We believe that it´s about time asset management is modernized to the benefit of the consumers. Lower cost, better performance and higher returns. Fronteer recently launched a factor based investment fund with outstanding performance driven by its core technology. Prior to giving life to Fronteer, Atle Christiansen co-founded Point Carbon later acquired by Thomson Reuters.

  • GameStones is a Sensor Driven Gaming Company with the aim to enhance and inspire real life scenarios with qualities from the world of computer gaming. Imagine a new kind of Pokemon Go with toys that allow kids and families to play around with connected guns, balls and other outdoors toys. We believe that new technology will change the toy industry in the years to come.

  • The number of international breweries has exploded, only in the US there is 500 000 local breweries. All of them wants an online, connected tool for live monitoring of the fermentation process, increasing production capacity, quality and information flow. Plaato is a game changing IoT-device compatible to existing equipment, feeding brewers with information never before available.

  • Poio is the company behind Readlings, an applications that teaches kids to read in 30 days. A brilliant team with great execution power are currently working towards pre-launch in Norway Q2 2017, before they plan on taking their product international. We support them all the way - watch out!

  • Ariel, the founder, came to us with an idea to improve the way we process and analyze large amount of data. In the future people gets more tech savy and will explore data in a different way. Current platforms are rigid and have limitations. The team develops an advanced analytics platform with collaborative functionality. Pilots are stacking up, so do we. Watch out for this team!

  • The world is moving into 3D. A challenge today is to view and experience 3D from any device. The team behind Sharemy3D has built the worlds fastest 3D viewer, supported on all major browsers. This makes it possible for brands to present their products in 3D.

  • We love industry disruptors. The team behind YAY are the disruptors of the stock image business. Unlimited access to tons of premium stock images for only $9.0.

  • Yoimo builds live sports streaming and analytics for the masses. Today, it's only pro athletes that get access to proper footage of themselves sporting - but Jan and his team believes it should be otherwise. And of course they are building the solution.

  • SMBs are struggling to get loans at the bank. Consumers are looking for better return on their investments than what the bank offers. The guys at FundingPartners saw that you could solve both problems by connecting these two groups, and have started building Norway's first P2P lending platform. Launching soon - so watch out!

  • Imagine a world with no opportunity to use your mobile shopping In-store! Nordic mobile users are highly connected and cash payments decline rapidly. Today, there are numerous solutions making your mobile your wallet, however, the POS terminals are not updated to connect the mobile for payment. AblePay Technologies offers a cost-effective solution using BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) to connect your mobile – Voilá… and your able to spend your bucks in the store using the mobile. The technology can enable the “unbanked markets” not using old infrastructure models, eg. the retailer using a mobile as the POS. AblePay Tech is a company founded by Sintef, Europe’s largest R&D organization.

The Founders

  • Karl-Christian Agerup Serial entrepreneur

  • Jon Tetzchner Serial Entrepreneur

  • Eilert Hanoa Entrepreneur

  • Are Traasdahl Serial Entrepreneur

  • Kjell Inge Røkke Serial Entrepreneur

  • Johan Andresen investor

  • Kim Daniel Arthur Serial Entrepreneur

  • Grethe H. Viksaas Entrepreneur

  • Olav Folkestad Entrepreneur

  • Svein Anders Tunheim Entrepreneur and Angel Investor

  • Tom Arnøy Entrepreneur

  • Øystein Moan Entrepreneur

  • Erik Bakkejord Serial Entrepreneur

  • Geir Førre Entrepreneur and Business Angel

  • Ingar Østby Entrepreneur and Business Angel

  • Åse Settevik Angel Investor

  • Jacob Schram CEO of Circle K

  • Katalysator INVESTOR

  • Oslo Tech

  • Per Kogstad angel Investor

  • Per Otto Wold Serial Entrepreneur

  • Reidar Lorentzen Investor

  • Kari Stautland Angel Investor

  • Tharald Nustad Entrepreneur

  • Thomas Settevik Angel Investor

  • Silvija Seres Angel Investor

  • Magnulf Pilskog Serial Entrepreneur

  • Gunnar Evensen CEO Get

  • Johan Dolven CEO of Help Insurance

  • Karen Dolva Entrepreneur

  • Rein Inge Hoff Angel Investor

  • Christian S. Nyborg Entrepreneur

  • Frithjof U. Frederiksen Entrepreneur


  • Tor Bækkelund Partner, Head of Funding

    Tor has over 20 years experience working in Energy, Security and IT & Service industries with global footprint. He has previously been the CEO of Hugin Group, a successful technology company that he led through multiple transactions to NYSE Euronext and Thomson Reuters. Previous to the role in Hugin he served as Vice President in a successful US tech company.