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StartupLab Accelerator #4

Funding, network and support that gets you off the ground.

We are now opening up for applications to our fourth Accelerator, a three-month intensive program where we bring together ambitious technology entrepreneurs, and work closely with them to create a foundation for future growth.


Up to 2.5 MNOK in funding

If selected, we will invest 1 MNOK in your company. In addition, this qualifies you for up to 1.5 MNOK in grants and loans.

This funding will give you sufficient runway for the first phase of your company. We'll work closely with you during the three-month program period, to help you spend your time and resources as efficiently as possible. Our community of entrepreneurs, corporate partners, seasoned investors and alumni members are of course available to you, making sure you get the best possible support along the way.

We represent more than 30 of Norway┬┤s most successful entrepreneurs and invest their money into startups through Founders Fund. By getting investment from Founders Fund, you not only get money. More importantly, you get access to their experience and network.


The investment will be done through Founders Fund II, as a convertible loan of 1 MNOK for a stake of 8% in the company. Transfer will be made in two tranches during the program period.

No, anyone can apply, but the company has to be incorporated in Norway and have a Norwegian VAT / Org.Nr.

A total of 20.000 NOK will be deducted from the investment to cover fixed desks and office costs for the entire team during the program period. No other fees or costs.

Every week, there will a 1-2 hr meeting with the StartupLab team. In addition, most weeks we have accelerator lunches where experienced people from our network share their stories. From the trenches and off the record. Also a few social events, and the Demo Day at the end.

Our job is not to do your job, but rather to help you keep the main thing the main thing. You'll get full support from the entire StartupLab team, but we won't force you in any direction. You set the course, and we do what we can do boost your speed. 

For the accelerator, no. Our investment vehicle Founders Fund does individual investments all-year round, but those investments are typically done in companies we have worked with through our incubator. Read more about our incubator and investment fund.

To make sure you get the most out of the accelerator period, we want to work closely with you. Our experience is that relocating to StartupLab is the best way to ensure a great environment for this, so fo the 3 month duration of the program, StartupLab is where you will have your home.

Who are we looking for?

Short answer: Entrepreneurs using tech to solve problems.

Longer answer: Founders with motivation, grit and speed, that we can help move faster. We prefer teams that are able to build and sell the initial version of their product. No limitations when it comes to domain or technology (you can see the companies we already invested in here).

We are also running the DNB NXT Accelerator in the spring of 2018, if you have a startup working on banking and payment services for the future, please consider applying there. 


  • 31.01.2018 Application Deadline

    Applications will be reviewed on an ongoing basis.

  • 13-15.02 .2018 Interviews

    Interviews with shortlisted applicants

  • 01.03.2018 Announcement 

    We will announce the selected companies

  • 15.03.2018 Start of the Accelerator

    The selected companies will move into StartupLab, and we will kick off the program.

  • 07.06.2018 Demo Day

    The Accelerator Companies will present their products to a wider audience of investors and potential customers at the StartupLab Summer Pitch Party. 

  • 15.06.2018 End of the Accelerator

    Most companies that participate in the Accelerator choose to stay at StartupLab after the end of the program.

Apply Now

We accept applications until 31.01.2018. Applications will be reviewed on an ongoing basis, please see the schedule above for other important dates.



No problem, please feel free to drop us a line and we'll get back to you. And if you're not ready to apply right now, just indicate your interest below and we'll keep you posted with updates.