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Join the industry network of startups, corporates, and partners in construction.

Startuplab Construction is a dynamic hub for innovation within the construction industry. It acts as a crucial nexus between budding start-ups, established corporations, public authorities, research and development institutes, and industry organizations. Our network promotes groundbreaking ideas and sustainable solutions through knowledge exchange, collaborative projects, and the forging of new partnerships. Startuplab Construction is paving the way for the future of infrastructure.

What we do

We engage with startups and corporations across the comprehensive spectrum of the construction lifecycle, spanning from initial financing and meticulous planning, through skilled construction, efficient operation and maintenance, right up to strategic demolition and responsible recycling. Our integrative approach ensures that each phase of the construction process is optimized for innovation, sustainability, and value creation.

Our focus is on five key areas:

  • Construction Management Tools
  • Design Automation & Optimization
  • Circular & Future Materials
  • Industrialized Construction
  • Smart Buildings

How we work

Higlighting areas with great conditions for external innovation:

  • Identify specific domains within the construction industry that are ripe for disruption and open to external innovation.
  • Research and analyze trends, emerging technologies, and global best practices, and introduce them to the program.
  • Foster collaboration between industry stakeholders, startups, and technology providers to create a thriving ecosystem for innovation.
  • Encourage experimentation and piloting of new technologies to promote learning, validation, and continuous improvement.

Assist startups that solve key challenges to grow faster:

  • Provide mentorship, guidance, and industry expertise to startups, ensuring that their solutions effectively address real-world construction challenges.
  • Offer a support network and resources for business development, including connections to potential customers, investors, and strategic partners.
  • Leverage the strong VC interest in construction-related startups to help secure funding and resources needed for growth.
  • Create platforms for knowledge sharing, networking, and collaboration among startups, industry experts, and key stakeholders.
  • Support startups in navigating regulatory hurdles, market entry strategies, and business scaling, ensuring that their innovations achieve maximum impact.

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