Startuplab is an incubator and early stage investor for Norway's most ambitious technology startups.

Confrere is a video tool tailor-made for meetings between professionals and their clients.

Great sound. Creative freedom.

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Re-imagining a greener world of new foods, feeds and materials.

Frydenbø joins Startuplab as partner

Frydenbø Industri is one of Norway's leading suppliers of products and services for marine and land-based industries, as well as the offshore industry.



Startuplab is a network of founders, mentors, investors, industry experts and corporate partners - all eager to pay it forward.

Founders First

Startuplab is committed to putting the founder's interest first in every step of the process.

Your supporting community

In Startuplab you're standing on the shoulders of more than 300 startups, 50 partners and 81 ex-founders are ready to help you out.

A place to build your company

A desk, coffee and social gatherings.

Work with a pilot customer

It’s not unusual that startups we work with find their first customer within our partner network.

Meet your next investor

Follow-up investments are often found through our investor network.


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Startuplab Free shareholder agreement, loan agreement, term sheet, NDA and employment agreement templates for Norwegian startups.

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