The Startuplab team is a group of ex-founders, investors and experienced executives eager to support Norwegian startups succeed.

Per Einar Dybvik

Per Einar is CEO and partner at StartupLab. He joined us in 2014 after leaving WiMP, which he founded in 2009. He has 25 years of Internet-experience from Telenor, Schibsted and Aspiro. At Telenor Research he headed the project that became Opera browser, headed Telenors web-services Origo and Gule Sider before founding Neo Interaktiv. In 2000 he helped start Schibsted Telecom that merged with Aspiro. You will often find Per Einar on a bike somewhere. 901 04 317LinkedIn

Nissik Juell

Nissik joined StartupLab in 2016, after leaving TIDAL which he co-founded and spent over 10 years building from 3 to 120 employees. Nissik is responsible for our Accelerator Programs and our corporate partnerships together with the rest of the team.

Christina Wiig

Head of Corporate Partnerships
Christina joined Startuplab January, 2022. She has previously been Director of Business Partnership in Innovation Norway with teams in Norway, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece and Croatia. Funding and supporting national and international business and humanitarian innovations, current period project portfolio valued at NOK 6 billion. Prior 10 years’ experience as a Management Consultant in a wide range of sectors and competence areas, trained in out of the box thinking, efficient implementation and sales. Before that +5 years experience as leader in line organisations both public and private sector. Formerly heading the "Customer" team combining deep customer and commercial insight with leading edge design and innovation capabilities to deliver experiences that set clients apart.

Renate Ringen Hjertson

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
Renate joined our team in March, 2024. Seven years of experience across various roles in Uno-X and YX, both parts of Reitan Retail, her most recent position being CFO in Uno-X Norway. Prior to this she established a robust foundation as an auditor and controller. She is a state-authorized auditor certified by the Financial Supervisory Authority of Norway and holds a Master's degree in Audit and Accounting from BI Norwegian Business School.

Rolf Assev

Partner, Communication
After 12 years in Opera Software being responsible for sales & marketing, strategy and M&A, Rolf wanted to start something new. After co-founding DragonBox (later sold to Kahoot) based out of StartupLab, he realized that his experience and international network could benefit many more startups and Rolf became a partner and co-founder in StartupLab. Rolf is great in challenging you on your ambitions - always pushing your to think bigger. He strongly believes in you getting your first paying customer as this will push you to be tougher on your priorities and it proves you are on your right track. Having paying customers makes it 10 times easier to get investors. Rolf will also help you to position your startup vis-a-vis customers and investors in order to stand out, and is happy to introduce you to his strong network in Norway and US.

Gisle Østereng

Head of Investments
Gisle has been a hi-tech venture entrepreneur since 2006, having built teams, secured funding and closed B2B sales globally in various NTNU start-ups such as Seram Coatings, Dynamic Rock Support and Secustream Technologies. He is now heading up the Startuplab investment team.

Lise Fulland

Investment Partner
As our former CFO, Lise knows all about how to build the infrastructure that enables everyday operations, as well as how to prepare for the future scale-up. She is now working full-time as investment manager leading our investment processes from start to exit.

Annar Bøhn

Investment Partner
Annar joined Startuplab in January 2023. His previous experience includes management consulting in PA Consulting Group, VC investing in Ferd Venture, scale-up operations in WiMP/TIDAL Music and startup operations as CEO through to exit in Autogear.

Erlend Waaler

Head of lab Bergen
Erlend joined our team when we expanded to Bergen at the start of 2019. He has over 12 years experience from corporate banking in DNB, holding different management roles and mainly working with small entities empowering them to succeed. Erlend is highly engaged in the Bergen startup and growth ecosystem and now works on creating a kickass StartupLab on the west coast, enabling Bergen's startup scene to evolve.

Jørgen Veiby

Head of Accelerator
Jørgen joined us in March 2021. Previously he worked at Kjeller Innovation helping early-stage deeptech startups. He co-founded social entrepreneur Medarbeiderne and drone company Sevendof alongside his studies at NTNU and has worked as a strategy consultant in Varde Hartmark. Jørgen loves skiing and sailing, and is also a veteran handball player.

Kristian Hesthaug

Head of Startuplab Hardware
Kristian runs Startuplab Hardware a program by StartupLab focusing on IoT, Hardware, and Robotics development and production. The program is set up to help create more sustainable and successful Norwegian startups while at the same time building a strong ecosystem for production and development and production onshore. The program is set as a virtual network of suppliers, manufactures, R&D, corporates, SMAs, mentors and startups. Kristian also runs the new lab for prototyping at Oslo Science Park. Kristian is a tech&tool nerd that loves the outdoors with 20+ years of experience from the telco, internet, and streaming industry.

Marie Moi Lundstad

Head of Startuplab Mobility
Marie joined us in 2020 from Scandinavian Design Group and runs Startuplab Mobility, a program by StartupLab and a selection of our corporate partners aiming to make Norway the world's most potent testbed and commercialization arena for mobility technology. Through Startuplab Mobility she is working to help Norwegian startups in the mobility space succeed. Previously, she worked with business development at Kjeller Innovation and the agtech startup Farmable.

Åshild Aarø

Sustainability manager
Åshild joined our team when we expanded to Bergen January 2019. Her background spans from business development to sustainability and communication. She has developed and delivered a university course in Sustainable Innovation, founded an organization in the jungle of Laos and been responsible for sustainability in an olympic game. She thrives when the environment around her is buzzing with epic ideas being developed, new relationships created and people enjoying the ride.

Henock Sintaye Abeba

Incubator Manager, Oslo
Henock joined our team summer of 2019. As Incubator Manager, he ensures we have a thriving and inclusive community at the lab and handles onboarding as well as many of our in-house services. Henock has previously worked in service, festivals and concert halls. He gets particularly excited about high tech and consumer tech.

Harrshinny Vallipuram

Incubator Coordinator
Harrshinny joined our team in June 2023 as Incubator Coordinator, bringing her expertise in entrepreneurship and a strong commitment to supporting female entrepreneurs. She completed her masters at the Norwegian School of Entrepreneurship in 2022 while working at Boost Henne NTNU.

Karl Liapunov

Head of Energy
Karl joined Startuplab in December, 2021. He was previously a energy technology focused investment banker, with a diverse professional background including experience in both the information technology and services industries. Strong business development professional with a International Business major from University of Southern California.

Tonje Sofie Eriksson

Digital Marketing & Content Manager
Tonje joined our team in May 2022. She has 10+ years experience in the marketing field, having worked for startups, established tech companies, NGOs and marketing agencies in both Norway and abroad. Her expertise includes strategy, content creation and management, advertising, lead generation and media management. Outside of work, Tonje is an avid traveler and loves learning new things, staying active and spending time in nature.

Sophie Dicko

Community Manager Bergen
Sophie joined our team in June 2022. She has previously developed a course for immigrants that combines language training and entrepreneurship. As Community Coordinator, Sophie will make sure that the community at the lab in Bergen is inclusive and ambitious. She thrives in a role where she can bring people together and make room for a work environment that allows for creativity, growth and well-being.

Ronny Liverød

Project Manager
Ronny Liverøds passion for strategic planning and the deployment of new technology, as well as the mapping of long-term trends within construction caught fire as Head of Innovation at AF Gruppen, a leading construction and industrial group in Norway. With experience from HMS systems in larger infrastructure projects such as roads, railways and hydroelectric power and as construction manager in Norway’s largest railway project, Liverød built up first-hand knowledge of the intersection between a client need and what EMerald Geomodelling could deliver. At Startuplab Ronny will be responsible for the industry program for construction and real estate.

Tamara Pavlovic

Finance Manager
Gaustadalléen 21
0349 Oslo
Solheimsgaten 7c
5058 Bergen

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