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Join the world class industry network for business innovation within AI & Data Science.

Startuplab AI & Data Science is a technology program for startups and corporates helping them succeed with big data, machine learning and AI. The goal of the program is to create a world class cluster for business innovation within AI & Data Science. The program facilitates and supports new partnerships through introductions, meetups and pilot projects.

Meetups and courses

We have over 700 people following our meetups and events. We host monthly meetups, e.g. the Oslo AI Product Lab Meetup. This is a hands-on meetup for experienced data scientists, engineers and developers who want to extend their knowledge and discuss how to utilize big data, machine learning and AI.

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Mentor network and student programs

We organize introductions and meetings between scientists, founders and corporates to explore opportunities for collaboration. We also host the Student Summer Camp every summer. In addition to this we have a large network of mentors and industry experts ready to help our companies with their data science related challenges.

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Jørgen Veiby

Head of Accelerator

+47 481 50 253

Gaustadalléen 21
0349 Oslo
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