The future of green energy

Join the industry network of energy and cleantech start-ups, and corporations.

Startuplab Energy is an industry program and network connecting Norwegian energy and cleantech startups, corporations, industrial players, research institutions and other stakeholders. The network will encourage innovation through sharing of insight, collaboration and new partnerships.

Our goal and mission

Our goal is to empower Norwegian technology startups to rapidly transform energy systems and reduce carbon emissions.

We strive to achieve this by accelerating the development of Norwegian cleantech startups, strengthen the opportunity for internationalization, and reduce “time to market”.

What we focus on

We focus on energy and cleantech startups in the following categories;

  • Energy generation & green fuels
  • Energy infrastructure & storage
  • Energy efficiency & electrification
  • Transportation & mobility
  • Other (eg agritech, clean air & water, waste management)

What we do

We connect startups with corporations, industrial players, research institutions etc for partnerships, collaboration and pilots. We facilitate events and workshops, provide introductions, and try to help startups the best way we can.

Furthermore, we assist in exposing Norwegian cleantech startups to relevant R&D projects, investors, and potential customer groups and partners. Both corporate and public actors.

We support startups - all over Norway

StartupLab has been working closely with more than 360 startups since 2012 and currently has 100+ companies in our locations in Oslo and Bergen. We are currently putting a special focus on startups working within energy and cleantech working on solving important global problems. We hope to support this through our industry program Startuplab Energy, and we're working with companies located all over Norway, not just in our incubator.

Please reach out to us!

If you are an energy or cleantech startup, corporate, industrial player, research institution or policy maker interested in cleantech, energy transition and the green shift, please feel free to reach out to us!

Get in touch

Karl Liapunov

Head of Energy

+47 918 24 524

Gaustadalléen 21
0349 Oslo
Solheimsgaten 7c
5058 Bergen

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