Pre-seed funding

Apply for early stage funding, reaching between 1-3 million NOK

The Startuplab Ventures team manages scouting, investment valuation, investments, portfolio handling, exits and fundraising on behalf of the various Founders Funds. We do normally not take board positions, but help in raising ambitions, advising on how to build your company - as well as helping you out whenever there is an obstacle.

How we invest

We typically invest in the first equity round, in the range of $100-300K – enough money to make an early impact and get you off the ground.

This should also keep you moving for the time we provide the most support. We ask for 10-15% equity in return, meaning not enough to mess up your cap table. We provide support, but you remain in charge of your business, and our terms are founder friendly and hassle-free. All the legal stuff is taken care of by us.

Most of our investments comes through our incubator and accelerator program. But we do direct investments independent of this and are always eager to meet ambitious teams. Submit your details here and we'll book a meeting.

Founders putting capital back into the eco-system

This is our source of financing. StartupLab Founders was initiated by StartupLab together with a group of successful entrepreneurs.

Our common bond is that we are all triggered by the idea of getting ambitious talent off the ground. The group of founders represent an accumulated network and insight that has proven immensely valuable to the StartupLab community.

About the investment

  • StartupLab will invest 1-3 MNOK, for a targeted ownership of around 10%, and with a flexible investment approach. We are open to discuss different investment amounts and ownership percentages on a case by case basis.
  • With the funding provided through the investment, founders are able to apply for all early-stage public funding in Norway which requires matching capital. This means most founders can get an additional 1,5MNOK in non-dilutive (soft) funding. For most early-stage tech companies, this should equal 12-18 months runway; enough to reach a significant value-increased milestone. 
  • We invest in Norwegian Aksjeselskap (AS).

Startuplab Founders Fund I

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Startuplab Founders Fund II

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Startuplab Founders Fund III

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Startuplab Founders Fund IV

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Startuplab follows a pre-seed equity capital investment strategy, where a relatively large number of investments are made in early-stage companies. ESG considerations are incorporated at various stages of the investment process.

Get details on our SFDR related practices for Startuplab Founders Fund V here.

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Investment Partner

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Investment Partner

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Investment Manager

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