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Join the industry network of start-ups and businesses within mobility.

Startuplab Mobility is an industry network for innovation within the mobility space and serves as a meeting point between start-up companies, corporates, public authorities, R&D, and industry organizations. The network will encourage innovation through sharing of insight, collaboration, and new partnerships.

Our focus area is land-based mobility, within the following categories:

  • Mobility-as-a-service: Car sharing services, ride sharing & on-demand, shared micro-mobility, E-scooters, Taxi-services, public transport.
  • Electrification: Charging SW and HW, light vehicles, batteries.
  • Logistics and delivery: Platforms, software, delivery-as-a-service, Smart home and storage
  • Autonomy: Vehicles & solutions, Sensors, testing
  • Connectivity and analytics: Mobility analytics, Proximity technology, analytics platform, construction technologies, Intelligent transport systems.

How we work

Our ambition is to contribute to the success of Norwegian start-up companies. We do this by facilitating new collaborations between the established and the new through introductions and pilot projects.

Furthermore, we assist in exposing Norwegian startups to relevant RnD, investors, and potential customer groups and partners. Both corporates and public actors. In this way, we want to accelerate the development of Norwegian mobility startups, strengthen the international opportunities and reduce “time to market”.

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