Accelerator Application

We'll soon open for applications to the 11th edition of our Accelerator, a 3-month program where you can explore and utilize the broad network at StartupLab and get access to experienced founders, investors and industry experts. The application periode will take place from first of June, until the end of August 2021. If you want to be part of our community now, you can apply for our Incubator. If you need funding, theres a simple application for that as well.


To give you an overview of what needs to be filled in, please find a list of the main elements of the application form below. Please use this for any preparation.

1) Name of your company
2) Domain name
3) In what country is the company currently incorporated / registered as a business?
4) Your full name
5) Your email address
6) Your phone number

7) Pitch your company in 20 words or less
8) Briefly describe the problem you are solving and who you are solving it for.
9) How do you (plan to) get customers?
10) How will you make money?
11) If your product is live or if you have a demo of your product, please provide the URL

12) Please list the team members, their respective roles in the startup and LinkedIn profiles
13) How is the current Cap Table? Please list current owners and what percentage they own
14) How much capital are you planning to raise now, and at what targeted valuation (pre money)

15) Why did you decide to start the company
16) What kind of validation have you received from your target market?
17) What is the most important metric/KPI for your business, and what is that metric/KPI now?
18) Who are your main competitors (please include links to their sites/services)
19) How are you different to these competitors?

20) You can also upload a pitch deck if you wish, but that is not at all a requirement!

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